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The Comitato Luigi Veronesi, presided over by the artist’s only son and heir Silvio Veronesi, has the aim of studying, preserving and promoting the work of Luigi Veronesi.


This committee has the task of safeguarding, recording and cataloguing the artist’s output; it is also concerned with the history and research of Luigi Veronesi. The material for this activity consists of all the bibliographical and personal documents that can help us to have a better knowledge of the artist and his work. With this aim in mind, the committee collects information and documents about Luigi Veronesi and, in turn, permits consultation of its material by those researchers and scholars who, for their historical-artistic inquiries, make a request for access to it.


The Comitato Luigi Veronesi encourages all cultural initiatives aimed at promoting the artist’s historical heredity and welcomes collaborations for organising solo and group exhibitions in museums.

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